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About Lefkada Art Studio

Explore your creative side at our Art Studio, located in the heart of Lefkada Old Town.
Learn the basics of Painting (acrylics), Sculpting and working with Mixed Media.

Why join an Art Club?

Creativity is a quality that sets us apart from the animals!  The ability to imagine something, make it into reality and, then share and enjoy it is uniquely human.   

Art can stimulate senses, it can uplift, intrigue, entertain and even educate.

Art can make you laugh, give you new perspectives, ideas and values.

Creating art is good for you!

'Art Club' at Lefkada Art Studio

Learn about materials

paints brushes and pencils

One of the big obstacles in learning to paint is getting an understanding of all the different materials and techniques.

We will show you the different types of paints, texture mediums and varnishes.

We will also show you how to prepare surfaces for paint and give you an opportunity to try them out.

Meet other artists

students painting at easels

Art can be a rewarding social connection. It is both inspiring and beneficial to see how others interpret ideas and use materials. We encourage discussion and welcome all questions.

If you are part of a social group and want to take a class with your friends - please enquire about a date / time to suit you all.

Your questions answered!

Art supplies shop

One features of Lefkada art studio is that you will see all the materials required in a working art studio.

You will learn about the tools, paints, mediums and equipment that you will required at home. In addition, we offer on going support to help you in the future if you have questions or need direction. 

What 'Art Club' participants Say

“I loved going Lefkada Art Studio! It was great to spend time in a creative space with others. I learned so much and I now know what I need to be able to continue at home .”

— Maria

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